Berea By the Water

The Berea congregation are appealing to fellow Lutherans within the East Region of LCC for donation pledges towards the purchase of their church sanctuary (and the property is sits on) from the East District Church Extension Fund.

Berea are seeking to raise $150,000 altogether towards this effort.

After discussion, it was agreed to advertise this request for pledges via our weekly church bulletin. In this way, the members of both Logan and Monkton can be made aware of this situation, and can make individual pledges at their own discretion.

The deadline for pledge responses is the end of July 2021.

The pledge response can be sent by mail:

Berea-by-the-Water Lutheran Church
326 Gibbons St.
Goderich, ON.
N7A 3Z6

Attention: John Schilbe (Council Chair)

or by e-mail

The contact persons for Berea are Mr. John Schilbe, Chairman, (519)524-1617 and Pastor John Trembulak (519)878-0327.