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Luther’s Small Catechism, 2017 Edition © Concordia Publishing House

Helpful links: – This is the site we will use for video conferencing together. Signing up is free and pretty simple – please email pastor at with your zoom email address so I can add you to the meetings. Zoom is also how we will do memory work – you and I will have a one-on-one call to review your memory work. Need help installing Zoom? Check out our basic guide here for some help. – The preferred bible translation for our class is the ESV. Crossway has provided to give people a free copy of the ESV translation of the bible. – This is the book of what it means to be Lutheran. This is here as a resource for those who want to do more reading about our faith. From time to time I will be reading from the large catechism, which is contained in the book of Concord. For that matter, so is the small catechism. This book, along with the bible, are what we as Lutheran Christians subscribe to (promise that we agree with).