News Items

  • Oktoberfest Take-Out Supper UPDATE

    The Oct. 17 meal is now sold out. Don’t forget to pick up your orders at the designated time and make payment if required.

    During pick-up, please do not arrive early since meals are prepared on a schedule.

    For everyone’s safety, park on the same side of the road as the church (south side).

    Stay in the vehicle and Pastor Mayer will be there to serve you like you’ve never been served before.

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    May all of you be thankful to God for all the wondrous benefits he has showered upon you. We are truly blessed!

  • Logan Sunday School Plea

    We NEED everyone who would like to send their children to Sunday school to give Darlene Nater a call.  We are desperately in need of a teacher for the youngest children. (there is a possibility to share the teaching duties with other people). At this point, all options are being considered, including things such as Sunday School being held during church or as a last resort, not at all. Note that as a general rule, a church without Sunday School will NOT survive. Please, if you think you can assist with this most important task, please contact the pastor or Darlene Nater!

  • Berea-on-the-water update!

    I wanted to give you all an update on Berea’s pledge requests to the region to purchase the church building and property. With the Spirit working among His people be have been overwhelmingly blessed.  Their request was for $ 150,000.  As of this past Sunday, pledges have been made of $161,675.  God is good and His people are generous.  Berea has officially voted to purchase the church and property and agreed with CEF to close by the end of November.  Now the process of collecting the pledges begins, along with sorting all the paperwork and costs needed to transfer the property. 

  • Church Services

    For the month of September, Logan will have services at 9:30AM, Monkton at 11AM, and Tavistock at 2PM. The FM transmitter will be used at both Logan and Monkton.

    Please note that online services are not going away! We will continue to provide online recorded services for the foreseeable future.