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  • Feast of the Holy Trinity

    Feast of the Holy Trinity, also called Trinity Sunday, is a Christian feast in honour of the Trinity, celebrated on the Sunday following Pentecost (the 50th day after Easter). It is known that the feast was celebrated on this day from as early as the 10th century. Celebration of the feast gradually spread in the churches of northern Europe, and in 1334 Pope John XXII approved […]

  • The Feast of Pentecost

    This festival is known by several names that derive from its meaning and timing. Also known as the Feast of Harvest (Exodus 23:16), it represents the firstfruits (Numbers 28:26) gathered as the result of the labor of those who completed the spring grain harvests in ancient Israel (Exodus 23:16). It is also called the Feast…

  • Happy Ascension Day!

    The Feast of the Ascension of Jesus Christ, also called Ascension Day, Ascension Thursday, or sometimes Holy Thursday, commemorates our Christian belief in the bodily Ascension of Jesus into heaven. It is one of the ecumenical (i.e., universally celebrated) feasts of Christian churches, ranking with the feasts of the Passion, of Easter, and Pentecost. Following the account of Acts 1:3 that the risen Jesus appeared for 40 days prior to…

  • Pop Can & Battery Collection

    If you have any bags of pop cans, aluminum or vehicle batteries collected for the youth group, please deliver to First or Redeemer churches on Saturday May 7, 2022 before 1 pm. Alternatively if you require pick up, contact Mark Higenell 519-600-0015 or e-mail mhigenell@tcc.on.ca. Fundraising opportunities for the youth group have been somewhat limited…

  • Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter to you and your families as we celebrate our Father’s greatest sacrifice through his Son, Jesus Christ. Have a blessed Easter!

  • Missing Devotional Posts

    It turns out an error removed the devotional posts that were supposed to appear this week. I’ve restarted it as of tomorrow, so if you like our short devotions, then check in tomorrow for a new entry!

  • Note about Sunday March 20

    Pastor Mayer will be away this weekend. Services in Monkton and Logan are online only. Tavistock is looking for a supply pastor for the afternoon service.

  • Support the people of Ukraine!

    More than one MILLION civilians have already fled the country. This is in danger of creating a widespread humanitarian crisis. CLWR is focused on providing emergency kits, basic necessities, shelter, basic medical services and psychosocial support, for both refugees who have reached neighbouring countries as well as internally displaced people. Please, if you can, support…

  • Happy Epiphany!

  • Happy New Year!

    A very blessed and prosperous 2022 to you all!

  • Merry Christmas

  • Service Times – November

    9:30 AM Logan11:00 AM Monkton2:00 PM Tavistock

  • Happy Reformation Day

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    May all of you be thankful to God for all the wondrous benefits he has showered upon you. We are truly blessed!

  • Logan Sunday School Plea

    We NEED everyone who would like to send their children to Sunday school to give Darlene Nater a call.  We are desperately in need of a teacher for the youngest children. (there is a possibility to share the teaching duties with other people). At this point, all options are being considered, including things such as…

  • Berea-on-the-water update!

    I wanted to give you all an update on Berea’s pledge requests to the region to purchase the church building and property. With the Spirit working among His people be have been overwhelmingly blessed.  Their request was for $ 150,000.  As of this past Sunday, pledges have been made of $161,675.  God is good and…

  • Church Services

    For the month of October, Monkton will have services at 9:30AM, Logan at 11AM, and Tavistock at 2PM. The FM transmitter will be used at both Logan and Monkton. Please note that online services are not going away! We will continue to provide online recorded services for the foreseeable future.

  • Berea-on-the-water update

    Berea has now obtained pledges of over 110,000 of their 150,000 goal. They have extended the time to pledge to them to the end of August. Please consider helping this congregation save not only their church building, but the Lutheran mission into that part of Ontario!

  • LCC Convention Nominations

    Click here for information on nominating someone for the upcoming quadrennial.

  • Youth Group Pop Can Collection

    If you have any bags of pop cans, aluminum or vehicle batteries collected for the youth group, please deliver them to First or Redeemer churches on Saturday May 8, 2021 before 1 pm. Alternatively, if you require pick up, contact Mark Higenell 519-600-0015 or e-mail mhigenell@tcc.on.ca. Fundraising opportunities for the youth group have been practically…

  • In memoriam: Shirlie Beaumont

    Shirlie Beaumont, a member at First Logan, passed away on April 7, 2021. Private family arrangements entrusted to Lockhart Funeral Home. Our thoughts & prayers are with her daughter Deb Little & her husband Don, and Jamie Beaumont & his wife Penny and their families. Shirlie was predeceased by her husband Bruce (2019) and her…

  • Berea By the Water

    The Berea congregation are appealing to fellow Lutherans within the East Region of LCC for donation pledges towards the purchase of their church sanctuary (and the property is sits on) from the East District Church Extension Fund. Berea are seeking to raise $150,000 altogether towards this effort. After discussion, it was agreed to advertise this…

  • Church closures

    At this time, all three of our churches are CLOSED for in-person services (There will continue to be virtual services online.) Online services will continue to be made available, and we do have the ability to supply anyone who wants one with a printed copy of a service, as well as cassette tapes, CDs, or…